Anhui special force cable Co., LTD Anhui Teli Cable Co., Ltd. 
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Anhui Teli Cable Co.,Ltd

Corporation Prospect


Foresight guides us to a bright future
our hardworking shows the value
the achievements we now reach can not take into tomorrow
taking abroad view at future
and foot hold today
backing on the technical innovation
and improve th equality of the products
taking the brand stralege
creating an great enterprise
which not only famous in China
but also wins world-wilde fame


About Teli

Ten years ago
Teli people steered the boat of wishes
with the sail of hopes
seeking the depth of the sea.
Facing the roars
Teli people preserves the belief
with spirit of self-supporting
day and night
sailing between the apex and trough
among the competitors
Today this small boat
has developed into a big vessel
in the new stauts of competition
with both opportunities and challenges
Teli people welcome the new ages
with more passionate and sagacious sight
in the growing up tide
and leave the glorious tone...


Company Culture

Teli Cables
Science and Technology will Creat a New Future